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___ SWITCHBACK, the new high octane quartet from Chicago, Warsaw, NYC and Cologne :

Mars Williams - tenor, alto, soprano, sopranino -saxophones
Waclaw Zimpel - bass, alto, b -clarinets, tarogato, flutes
Hilliard Greene - double bass, bass ukulele
Klaus Kugel - drums, percussions

>>> Listen to SWITCHBACK here <<<
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MARS WILLIAMS is one of the true saxophone players--someone who takes pleasure in the sheer act of blowing the horn. This tremendous enthusiasm is an essential part of his sound, and it comes through each note every time he plays. Whatever the situation, Mars plays exciting music. In many ways he has succeeded in redefining what versatility means to the modern saxophone player. - John Zorn, USA

WACLAW ZIMPEL's name goes straight into the list of European jazzmen that gave new life to clarinet and bass clarinet, continuing Dolphy’s example: Surman, Sclavis, Trovesi, and the like. - Francesco Martinelli, Point Of Departure, USA, 2010
Polish composer/clarinetist Wacław Zimpel is one of the most promising musicians from the European continent. - Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz, USA, 2012

HILLIARD GREENE's fabulous arco bass mixes lyricism with a burning, literally ferocious desire of opening the listener's mind. - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, Italy, 2007
I found his composition to be extraordinary in its depth of emotion. Hill’s remarkable virtuosity and passion on his instrument and spiritual awareness was ever present throughout. - Margot Elizabeth Meyers, Jazz Improv, NY, USA, 2006

KLAUS KUGEL is one of Central Europe's busiest and most articulate modern jazz drummers ... he treads the boundary between inside and outside playing in a particularly incisive way; always listening and never getting caught up in his own considerable chops. - Dave Wayne, AllAboutJazz, USA, 2013
These three discs ... show Kugel as a drummer whose nearly boundless energy and imagination cannot be confined by neat categories. - Ed Hazel, Signal To Noise, USA, 2006



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